Benefits we offer...

We close fast!

Typically between one to four weeks with a target of less than two weeks.

We buy as is!

We don't ask for any repairs, extra inspections, or special improvements to be done before closings like many prospective buyers. 

No realtor Commissions!

In addition to saving lots of money by not having to pay realtor fees, you will also not have to go through the hassle of finding a brokerage and selecting a real estate agent.

We pay closing costs!

Unlike most buyers, we will willingly pay closing costs to eliminate as much stress from the closing as possible.

What happens after we agree on price and terms?

  • Property title and lean search - I will instruct my title company to begin the process of determining clear title for the property. This process typically takes 10-14 days.

  • Additional property inspections - I will need to make arrangements for one or two of my funding sources to do a final inspection of the property prior to closing. Note this is not a financial contingency but rather my funding sources always want to confirm that the property is the same as it has been presented to them.

  • Tenants - If you have tenants at the property please do not ask them to move out unless we have a prior discussion. If the property is vacant there is a greater chance of vandalism and theft.

  • Your Home is sold - We work with you and your time schedule in order to close a quickly as possible so you get you cash in hand